October 09, 2015
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Big HMI Solutions | 15" Graphic HMI

Go Big or Go Home.  

Time to upgrade your machines? Maple Systems 15" Graphic HMIs are an excellent choice. Available in a dark grey aluminum enclosure, our displays are packed with features and offer more real estate for viewing complex projects.

Ideal for all industries, Maple Systems 15" HMIs are best suited for control panels, large-size machine designs, plant upgrades, and Allen Bradley Panel View upgrades due to the cost savings you'll achieve. Additional benefits/features include:

  • Bigger Display—See what's on screen from farther away, allowing you to respond faster. Fit more data per window for a more complete view of your process. Reduce operator errors and increase efficiency because graphics are larger and easier to interact with. 
  • Modbus Gateway—Add Ethernet access to a system that previously only allowed serial communications. This allows you to place older equipment on your enterprise network or SCADA system.
  • Data LoggingEnjoy a larger display to show more trending/XY plotting detail with a bright 1024 x 768 high-resolution display. Data logging is done in a tamper proof (.dtl file) format but can easily be converted to a .CSV format for use with enterprise systems. Data log files can be automatically backed up to a networked server, USB disk, and emailed from the HMI.
  • Email Notifications—Use email notifications to alert personnel when an alarm occurs or for maintenance updates of production system status. Critical alarm notifications can be sent to key personnel via SMS or email.
  • Security—Enhanced security keeps your control systems and facility safe. Prevent unauthorized personnel from accessing windows in the HMI or from operating critical functions. Assign passwords, security levels, or use a USB security key to login users when the key is connected to the HMI. USB security keys take the place of a mag strip (card swipe) reader, RFID reader, or other access control systems.    

Ready to upgrade your plant or process? Choose the 15" HMI today.  Shop 15" HMIs.

4.3" Graphic HMI | Small but Mighty 4.3" HMI | Small But Mighty

Maple Systems 4.3" HMIs come in light and dark grey and are best suited for small size machine designs, and OEM cost sensitive projects. These units sport a compact design, real-time clock, bright display, email alarms, and more for just $299Shop 4.3" HMIs.

12" HMI | Achieve More 12" HMI

Enjoy vivid graphics with bright 16.2 million color displays and 1024 x 768 pixel high-resolution. Bigger screens allow operators to respond faster. Quickly control on-site status with powerful Cortex A8 processors (800 MHz to 1 GHz), enabling record boot and PLC data read/write speeds. Shop 12" HMIs.

The Maple Standard | Our Promise The Maple Promise

The Maple Standard represents our dedication to delivering high-quality products and support to our customers. It's our promise to deliver quality, safety, reliability, and value to help you achieve business and process goals on time and within budget. Learn more. Learn more.

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